Welcome to MDPPML Research Group

We are a research group at the University of Tübingen. Our aim is to develop privacy-preserving methods to process medical data, including genomes with machine learning algorithms and other statistical algorithms.

Our research focuses on innovations in the field of security, privacy and AI in the medical context to enable clinical and genomic data sharing and exploitation across a federation of medical institutions, hospitals and research laboratories in a scalable, secure, responsible and privacy-conscious way. It tries to address the main scalability, privacy, security and ethical challenges of data sharing for enabling effective P4 medicine, by defining an optimal balance between usability, scalability and data protection, and deploying an appropriate set of computing tools to make it happen. (see Research).

We are looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team (more info) !

We are grateful for funding from BMBF.


05 July 2024

A CIBB 2024 publication!

11 September 2023

An IEEE TPS 2023 publication!

06 May 2023

An NSS-SocialSec 2023 publication!

01 February 2023

Welcome Cem!

01 November 2022

Welcome Şeyma!

15 September 2022

Welcome Arjhun!

12 February 2022

A Bioinformatics publication!

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